Linear Displacement Measurement from Kaman

Linear Displacement Measurement from Kaman
Kaman Precision Products

The KD-2306 from Kaman Precision Products/Measuring, Middletown, CT, is a noncontact linear displacement measuring instrument that uses balanced-bridge eddy current technology. Able to sense both ferrous and nonferrous metal targets, the system includes the electronics, sensor, and interconnecting cable. Standard sensing ranges are 0.02 in. to 2.4 in with 0.01% F.S. resolution or better and nonlinearity as little as 0.25% F.S. More than 30 sensor models are available, including single- and dual-coil and shielded and unshielded designs. The system can make static and dynamic measurements and it supports ambient, moderate temperature, and cryogenic-rated sensors.

Contact Info

Company: Kaman Precision Products
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-552-6267

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