Linear Accelerometers from Sherborne Sensors

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Sherborne Sensors

The A545 Series from Sherborne Sensors Inc., Wyckoff, NJ, is a range of single-axis, biaxial, and triaxial solid-state linear accelerometers designed to measure acceleration and deceleration in demanding environments. Measurement ranges are from ±2 g to ±500 g. Features include MEMS sensing elements with air damping, temperature compensation, positive mechanical stops, good shock resistance, and reliable over-ranging protection. The sensors operate from an unregulated DC power source and have usable frequency responses from DC to several kHz. Applications include DA systems, crash testing, fatigue-life monitoring and prediction, and low-frequency vibration analysis.

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Company: Sherborne Sensors
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 877-486-1766

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