In-Line Signal Conditioner Takes On Rugged Rigors

In-Line Signal Conditioner Takes On Rugged Rigors
Omega Engineering Inc.

The OMEGA IN-UVI in-line signal conditioner resides in a rugged stainless steel enclosure, which is connected between the transducer and a readout instrument. Providing easy accessibility for transducer field calibrations, the unit targets applications where a transducer must be located in a hostile environment or some distance away from the display. It supplies a regulated bridge excitation voltage for the transducer or load cell. Features include a notable signal to noise ratio, two selectable excitation voltages, wide zero adjustment range, and an isolated shunt calibration relay for quick field setup. All output options and excitation voltages are field selectable. Applications include monitoring the forces needed to raise the roof of a blimp hanger to allow buildup of the sidewalls for larger airships to fit inside and monitoring compression forces in an automated clamping machine that allows modification of 44 assembly pieces at a time by automated drills. Price Starts at $395 each. A datasheet is available at

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