Line Sensors from LMI Technologies

Line Sensors from LMI Technologies
LMI Technologies (USA) Inc.

The EyeCon 2000 from LMI Technologies (USA) Inc., Cumming, GA, is a laser line sensor designed to measure a wide surface area and uses a single Gigabit Ethernet connection. The sensor can measure matte surfaces and shiny black materials such as rubber, and measure thickness, width, and profile of component preparation stock material. The sensor provides a 4000 samples/s profile rate and features the ability to upload your own custom bulge and dent detection algorithms, binocular vision inspection, and a direct encoder input to control global synchronization to better than ±1.0 µs. The total integration architecture uses 4 sensors and the encoder signal; Power over Ethernet lets you mount the sensor up to 100 m away from the controller.

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Company: LMI Technologies (USA) Inc.
Phone number: 770-888-6586

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