Line Scanners from Land Instruments Intl.

Line Scanners from Land Instruments Intl.
Land Instruments International

Land Instruments Intl., Dronfield, U.K., offers the Landscan LSP10, LSP20, and LSP21 IR linescanner heads for imaging and controlling high-temperature processes in the metals industries. Collectively, the linescan heads cover the temperature spectrum from 200°C–1400°C. Features include compact size; robust sapphire viewing window; variable scan speed, sighting angle, and focus; integral laser targeting system to aid in aligning the scanning head; and <1 μs response speed at 95% energy for accurate hot-edge detection. You can choose from a variety of Landscan control signal processors and LSP mountings and accessories.

Contact Info

Company: Land Instruments International
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone number: +44 (0)1246-417691

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