Light Grids Provide Protection For Hazardous Equipment Users

Light Grids Provide Protection For Hazardous Equipment Users
Wieland Electric Inc.

Available in two-, three-, and four-beam resolutions, SLD Series safety light grids provide up to 70 meters of reliable operator protection in harsh industrial environments. The components are capable of ranges spanning 0.5m to 70m and are rated for operating temperatures from -30°C to +55°C. Suitable for Type 4 safety systems, they feature a robust aluminum housing sealed to IP67 standards, multi-beam scanning to avoid unwanted shutdowns, and adjustable range reduction to avoid mutual interference when implementing several adjacent systems. Additionally, they are easily serviced via an M12 quick connect port. Other features include LED displays, multi-scan technology, range reduction, automatic start, and an optional laser alignment aid that enables precise mounting and reduces startup times. For more information, visit 

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