LiDAR Sensors & Vision Software Putting BMW In The AV Market

Auto maker BMW has chosen Innoviz LiDAR sensors and computer vision software for deployment in its autonomous vehicles (AVs), set to roll out in 2021. Reportedly, BMW selected InnovizOne for its unique solid-state, MEMS-based design, as well as advanced computer vision capabilities for object detection and classification necessary for Levels 3 - 5 of autonomous driving. Accordingly, this is one of the first design contracts within the automotive industry to feature solid-state LiDAR.


 Prediction wise, this could indicate that solid-state LiDAR is the winner over mechanical spinning and other types of LiDAR technology, as it is one of the first design contracts within the automotive industry to feature solid-state LiDAR. Also, this announcement may be further proof that the industry is on track for series production of autonomous vehicles by 2021, with advanced, automotive-grade LiDAR available to help Levels 3 - 5 autonomous cars “see” their surroundings.

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Innoviz’s LiDAR technology uses proprietary system, MEMs, and detector designs to deliver reliable sensing capabilities, in challenging environments such as bright direct sunlight, varying weather conditions, and multi-LiDAR environments. Reported reasons for BMW choosing Innoviz include:

  • Performance: InnovizOne offers high angular resolution, high frame rate and an extra-long detection range
  • Size: InnovizOne features an exceptionally small footprint of 60 X 120 X 105 mm (HXWXD)
  • Reliability: Solid-state, automotive-grade design drives long life expectancy
  • Low Price: InnovizOne, our automotive-grade LiDAR for levels 3 - 5 of autonomous driving, will cost in the hundreds of dollars, depending on volume. Meanwhile, InnovizPro, our stand-alone LiDAR for testing and development of autonomous vehicles, costs in the single-digit thousands of dollars.
  • Product Maturity: Our stand-alone LiDAR, InnovizPro, is available now. Our built-in automotive-grade LiDAR, InnovizOne, will be available in 2019.
  • Safety: Innoviz’s technology meets performance requirements of leading OEMs to ensure L3-L5 safety.  

For more details, visit BMW and Innoviz.


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