LiDAR Sensor Readies For Auto Safety And Autonomous Apps

Described as a cost-effective yet high-performance and rugged automotive product in a small form factor, the Velarray LiDAR sensor can be seamlessly embedded in both autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assist safety (ADAS) systems. The Velarray combines the performance and reliability of the company’s legacy LiDAR sensors with a small form factor. The sensor uses proprietary ASICs to achieve notable performance metrics in a package size of 125 mm x 50 mm x 55 mm that can be embedded into the front, sides, and corners of vehicles. It provides up to a 120-degree horizontal and 35-degree vertical field-of-view, with a 200-meter range even for low-reflectivity objects. With an automotive integrity safety level rating of ASIL B, Velarray will not only ensure safe operation in L4 and L5 autonomous vehicles but also in ADAS-enabled cars. It has a target price in the hundreds of dollars when produced in mass volumes. For more information, visit

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