LG Innotek And Daintree Networks Team Up To Create Embedded Wireless Drivers Enabling Lighting Control Of LED Fixtures

LOS ALTOS, CA -- Daintree Networks and LG Innotek collaborate to create a line of LED lighting drivers with embedded wireless communication capability. By making these drivers available to fixture manufacturers to integrate into their LED troffers and retrofit kits, the companies are broadening access to cost-effective, out-of-the-box solutions for commercial facility builders, owners, and managers installing or upgrading to more energy-efficient controlled overhead lighting.

With embedded wireless LED drivers, customers can eliminate the cost and installation challenges associated with multi-box wireless implementations that require a separate wireless adapter plus an LED driver for advanced wireless control. The new LG Innotek driver can be used by lighting fixture manufacturers for 2x2 and 2x4 LED troffers and retrofit kits. These fixtures and kits will interact seamlessly with Daintree Networks ControlScopeĀ® networked wireless control solution. The combination is expected to result in significant savings for users, both in up-front costs (up to 85 percent) and in energy efficiency following installation (up to 90 percent).

According to YS Lee, vice president of engineering with LG Innotek, the company has garnered broad interest from major fixture manufacturers for these leading-edge drivers also linked with Daintree Networks' technology. "There is great opportunity to allow fixture manufacturers to focus on their core capabilities by creating standard embedded wireless drivers that they can then integrate into their own unique offerings," said YS Lee. "This broadens the options for users and helps create a more robust market with heightened awareness of the benefits of utilizing embedded wireless drivers."

"Our 3X growth last year reinforced the success of our Enterprise Internet of ThingsTM (E-IoT) approach, which leverages our true open standards-based solutions to provide cost-effective wireless mesh networking and software for smart buildings," said Danny Yu, Daintree Networks CEO. "We have developed partnerships with a number of fixture manufacturers, and we're excited to enable them to expand their customer offerings by joining forces with LG Innotek to create these embedded drivers. Ultimately it's about executing on the promise of open standards to deliver increased savings and value to building owners, operators, and occupants."

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