Level Switch Is Compact And Cost Effective

Level Switch Is Compact And Cost Effective
Kobold Instruments Inc.

Sporting a compact footprint, the NEK level switch economically monitors the level of sufficiently conductive liquids in tanks. The level switch senses liquid level by applying a low AC voltage to a set of stainless steel electrodes. When a sufficiently conductive liquid is present, a small current will flow between the electrodes, resulting in switch activation. The NEK is available with either a PPS or polypropylene body with 316-Ti stainless steel electrodes as standard. This makes the level switch suitable for many compatible chemicals and media. The solid-state design has no moving parts, making it viable for level sensing of contaminated liquids as well as those with high solids content. A datasheet is available at http://koboldusa.com/sites/default/files/product_files/NEK_datasheet.pdf  

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