Level Sensors Set Accuracy Benchmark For Non-Invasive Measurement

Designed in response to the needs of medical device manufacturers as well as CE and FDA regulations, the company’s level sensor boasts an exceptional level of measurement accuracy. Featuring ultrasonic technology, the level sensor can easily distinguish between liquid and foam, unlike capacitive sensors, helping to ensure that the presence of non-liquid materials does not interfere with the accuracy of measurements.


For flexible chambers of approximately 20-mm diameter the level sensor is designed to clip firmly onto the chamber and can be easily removed as required. It can be suspended from the chamber or alternatively, mounted to the machine via screw fitting and subsequently positioned against the chamber. Furthermore, it has been specially engineered to ensure continuous operation in temperatures of up to 105°C and can even withstand up to 130°C. Finally, the level sensor is designed to be easily cleaned with most commonly used medical cleaning agents and is sealed to IP67.


For rigid chambers, a derivative of this level sensor has been made that dry couples to the chamber and can transmit through most plastics, glass and even aluminium. This design utilises the electronics and sensing elements from the sensor, which can then be housed in a mount that is available in a wide range of dimensions and can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements. Because of the compact nature of the level sensors elements, multiple levels can be monitored as close as 4mm apart, giving continuous feedback to the machine which can then be used to control pump speed.


For further information, visit: https://www.ceramtec.com/ultrasonic-level-or-distance-sensing-in-fluids


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