Grenoble, France --- Leti will demonstrate the first bicycle-pedal power meter under $100 at CES 2017 that measures both strength applied on the pedal and pedaling cadence, and then combines them to deliver the cyclist’s power output in real time. The PUSH pedal also features embedded power metering, which differentiates between a real pedal stroke and other movement and only measures the former. A single PUSH pedal provides reliable power metrics and it works perfectly either way up.

“PUSH, which is the first cycling power-metering technology under $100, opens multiple cycling improvement-monitoring options, including performance, pedal-stroke efficiency and technique,” said Swan Gerome, business development manager. “It also paves the way for accurate and real-time performance measurement for either professional or weekend athletes and can open new markets with its easy-to-install configuration, compatibility with indoor / outdoor bikes and affordability for manufacturers,” Swan Gerome said.

With integrated sensors, the pedal includes embedded signal-processing algorithms to deliver power estimation with 8-percent accuracy. Other features include:

• Four-year-plus average battery life/6,500 miles equivalent
• First easy-to-install solution
• No calibration required
• Fits all indoor/outdoor bicycles and e-bikes
• Delivers direct power metrics

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