LeoNovus Achieves 100% Faster Performance in Processing Compute-Intensive Rendering of Multimedia for Picture Mosaics

SUNNYVALE, CA -- LeoNovus Inc. announces that Picture Mosaics is achieving 100% faster turn-around in processing of compute-intensive rendering files for multimedia, increasing efficiency for a faster time to market. Picture Mosaics produces photo mosaics from a variety of multimedia files that can range between many MBs to GBs and require on-demand networks when transferring files from site to site, as well as high-speed for meeting tight project deadlines.

Picture Mosaics, located in Blue Bell, PA, designs and markets state-of-the-art photo mosaic software and design techniques to create high quality, custom mosaics across every print and multimedia genre. Their projects include personalized portraits, large-scale murals, HD inMotion mosaic videos, online and real-time interactive mosaic experiences with full HTML5 support, and more. The resolution of a photo mosaic can range from 90 to 500 mega pixels, depending on its size. Once rendered, the image is printed at 2880 to 4800+ dpi (three to six times that of photo-quality).

Picture Mosaics customers are well-known brands that require quality and fast turn around such as Google, AT&T, ESPN, Johnson & Johnson, Red Bull, MLB & Virgin America, Intel, and Mastercard. (examples of products).

"LeoNovus is giving us on-demand resources through its distributed data centre to run our projects in parallel and concurrently with 100% increase in performance over a traditional approach," said Albert Charpentier, CEO of Picture Mosaics. "We are currently scaling our projects for more concurrency and expect to achieve at least 3x performance. This is a great fit for delivering high-performance concurrent computing so that we can increase our productivity, efficiency and deliver time-sensitive projects. We also have high value clients that are concerned about higher reliability and security of their multimedia assets, which the LeoNovus distributed cloud service delivers above and beyond servers housed in commercial data centres."

"We are extremely pleased that we can scale Picture Mosaics workloads on demand to achieve greater efficiency for a faster time to market," said Gordon Campbell, CEO of LeoNovus. "As you can see by the work examples provided here as well as on their website, Picture Mosaics is rendering large amounts of graphics to deliver high resolution and quality products."

LeoNovus offers increased security and disaster recovery across geo-dispersed endpoints with high-level redundancy. Additionally, LeoNovus offers on-demand compute, adding additional processor cores to increase performance on compute-intensive rendering frames concurrently creating greater efficiency for a faster time to market. This is a premium service that is cost effective by having scalable compute resources across a distributed data centre. LeoNovus' approach also has a high-level of reliability, and unlike traditional data centres that can be completely knocked out by storms or other unpredictable disasters, the LeoNovus distributed cloud services allow for immediate recovery due to redundancy across a broader geographical area.

For more details, visit LeoNovus at http://www.leonovus.com and Picture Mosaics at http://www.picturemosaics.com

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