Lens System Now Supports SWIR Sensors

(Excelitas Technologies)

Excelitas Technologies expands capabilities of its Optem FUSION Micro-Inspection Lens System with a redesign to meet the need for shortwave infrared (SWIR) sensors that enable the machine vision requirements essential to Industry 4.0 manufacturing. The lens system now provides true polychromatic imaging performance across the key Visible (400nm - 700nm), NIR (700nm -1100nm) and SWIR (900nm - 1700nm) wavebands.


To provide high performance and versatile SWIR imaging across a large variety of magnifications and working distances, Excelitas adapted and carefully optimized SWIR-compatible components across a select range of its prominent Optem FUSION lens system including:

  • Lower objective lenses, with numerous magnifications and working distances
  • 7:1 zoom module
  • Fixed-magnification system
  • Camera tube lenses with a range of magnifications for various sensor sizes and mount types
  • Beam splitter for critical coaxial illumination support   

Optem FUSION SWIR features various camera tube lenses and supports all SWIR cameras currently available on the market. It can also be adapted to exotic cameras, due to the large number of standard camera adapters available. Zoom and focus operations can be motorized to enable fully automated inspection solutions.


The ability to configure a system with simultaneous visible, NIR or SWIR channels provides access to additional information and capabilities that were previously not possible, including hyperspectral imaging and image fusion. Due to the universal concept of the Optem FUSION micro-imaging lens system, optical solutions spanning 400 nm to 1,700 nm with optimized image sensors are now possible for the first time under a single platform, opening entirely new approaches to machine vision demanded by Industry 4.0.


For more information, checkout the datasheet.