Length Gauge Raises Accuracy Bar In Metrology Apps

Length Gauge Raises Accuracy Bar In Metrology Apps
Heidenhain Corp.

Promising extreme measurement accuracy in metrology applications, the CERTO length gauge features an accuracy range down to 0.03 µm over 25 mm of travel. It employs a patented Zerodur glass ceramic substrate and speifies a repeatability of 0.02 µm as defined by DIN 32876. Activated via motor control or by coupling it to a moving machine part, the gauge uses a ball-bush guided plunger and is available in four sizes. More details are available at http://www.heidenhain.com/de_EN/php/documentation-information/brochures/popup/media/media/file/view/file-0441/file.pdf

Heidenhain Corp.
Schaumburg, IL

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Company: Heidenhain Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
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