Leddar Technology for Arduino Projects

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA – LeddarTech, owner of the patented Leddar LED-based detection technology, is pleased to announce that its leading-edge sensors are now readily available to the Arduino community. In honor of Arduino’s tenth anniversary, and as a proud supporter of all innovation, LeddarTech is enabling Arduino users to easily and cost-effectively integrate detection and ranging capabilities into their unique projects.

The Leddar™ detection and ranging module can be utilized in conjunction with the Arduino platform and other shields to effortlessly add on capabilities such as object/people detection, distance measurement, object/people-counting and many more. As the module is available in different forms, it is highly configurable and can be adapted to countless applications.

In addition to full-fledged detection and ranging capabilities, the Leddar™ module comes with a software development kit (with .NET and C libraries, LabVIEW and MATLAB examples, and sample RS-485 code for Windows and Linux), a downloadable Arduino library,
Arduino-specific video demonstrations on YouTube, as well as ongoing support from LeddarTech experts.

“The detection applications described above are just a few examples of how the Leddar™ module could be used in Arduino projects. There are in fact a wide variety of possibilities,” mentioned Sonia Bélanger, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at LeddarTech.
“We encourage Arduino developers to experiment with our technology, to see how they can benefit from its easy-to-integrate value-added features,” adds Ms. Bélanger.

About LeddarTech: http://www.leddartech.com