Leddar enables affordable altimeter and collision avoidance solutions for Drones and UAS


LeddarTech - High Performance Cost-Effective Sensing Technology for any Environment


Leddar enables affordable altimeter and collision avoidance solutions for Drones and UAS


Leddar Altimeter and Collision Avoidance for drones


Leddar optical detection and ranging technology, with its narrow or wide field-of-view, rich data acquisition, and multi-segment/multi-object detection capability, might be the best all-around sensing solution to provide efficient, and reliable spatial awareness for a new generation of drones and UAS.

Leddar sensors measure the backscattered signal from infrared light pulses to deliver fast and highly accurate measurements, which fulfill the drone market’s stringent requirements for drones and UAS applications:

Altimeters that deliver accurate distance measurements above ground level while meeting size, weight, and cost requirements

Collision avoidance and ranging data leveraging Leddar's multi-segment detection capabilities for safe navigation and precise positioning

Structural inspection with Leddar sensors' powerful built-in signal processing and large field of view, that enable  precise and reliable obstacle detection


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LeddarOne Optical Range Finder


  • Three-degree field of view
  • Fast data acquisition time: up to 70 Hz
  • Very compact: 2” diameter, 14 g
  • Detection range: 0 – 40 m

Now offered at $115

LeddarOne Range Finder



Leddar One range finder for drones





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