LED Light Source Excites Broad Range Of Fluorophores

Excelitas Technologies’ X-Cite XYLIS debuts as a LED light source for fluorescence microscopy that uses the company’s patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive. The component delivers an output from 360 nm to 750 nm for exciting an extended range of fluorophores.


X-Cite XYLIS closely matches the output of a mercury arc lamp while eliminating any need for bulb replacement.  With a 365-nm spectral peak, it fits with the narrow DAPI filter sets that are standard in research microscopes. At the opposite end of the spectrum, X-Cite XYLIS provides 735-nm excitation for Cy7, a wavelength that is not available in any other broadband LED light source at comparable prices.

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The light source enables researchers to overcome the LED green gap – the 540 nm to 590 nm region of the spectrum where LED-only systems are significantly challenged. It employs high-efficiency lasers to excite a phosphor layer, generating a broad peak from 500 nm to 600 nm, which can then be filtered to a more specific excitation band depending on the fluorophore of interest.  The LaserLED Hybrid Drive is also more efficient and provides higher output than other technologies, such as luminescent rod technology, and allows the X-Cite XYLIS to be a quieter system than its predecessor, X-Cite Fire.


X-Cite XYLIS offers the same intuitive, manual operation as other X-Cite products, with speedDIAL or foot pedal, USB and TTL control options. It is compatible with the standard X-Cite command set for seamless integration with existing X-Cite 120LED software drivers. For more information, peek at the X-Cite XYLIS datasheet.

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