LED First To Be Eye Friendly

Many people seem to concur that LED lighting is pretty rough on the eyes, no matter what the packages the LED lamps came in say, i.e., soft light, daylight, warm light, etc. To this date, the light from solid-state devices is still nowhere near the gentle rays of incandescent bulbs and some fluorescents. But, that scenario may soon be changing.


LG Innotek has introduced what it says is the world’s first eye-pleasing (EP) LED. The device is based on research findings about the interaction between light and eye. The company applied proprietary technology for designing ultra-precision LED chips to control the wavelength of light.

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The EP LED controls the wavelength of blue light.


Operationally, the EP LED controls the wavelength of blue light, 380 nm to 500 nm of the visible light spectrum. The component generates the wavelength of 415 nm to 455 nm, a part of the spectrum found to generate reactive oxygen in the retina and impart 60% to 70% less stress on the eyes than sunlight or light coming from previous and existing LEDs.


According to LG, its EP LED can also be used to create a light that can improve cognitive ability and concentration compared with conventional white LED products. This is attributed to the component’s ability to emit wavelengths between 465 nm and 495 nm, wavelengths found to activate the physiological function of a human body up to 20% more than sunlight.


The unique LED is capable of a few more feats. For example, it can be paired with color temperature tuning to activate biorhythms. As a result, it could improve a person’s sense of stability in stressful situations.


If the EP LED does all its creator claims, it will be a great asset to the solid-state lighting market. It could just convince some hardcore incandescent lovers to switch sides, defect to the effective if you will. For some more LED illuminations, visit LG Innotek LED.



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