Lean Execution System Enables Highly Efficient Manufacturing

Leading2Lean’s Lean Execution System (LES) is cloud-based and works across existing legacy systems, tying operations together and providing full-plant insights and analysis. Because the system is cloud-based, it is low cost, low risk, and high reward. The LES helps manufacturers obtain true lean performance by focusing on problems and problem resolution in real time. Problems on the plant floor are quickly identified, resources to fix problems are quickly dispatched, down time and waste are reduced, and efficiency improves.


As an application example, LES has been fully rolled out across Autoliv’s 82 facilities in 27 countries. Autoliv is considered a global leader in automotive safety systems and began rolling out the LES in 2015.


Reported results for Autoliv include:

  • A 30% improvement in response time to maintenance issues
  • A 5% improvement in operational availability
  • A 12% reduction in cost of spare parts
  • A ignificant reduction in cost of product
  • Improvements in other areas such as Preventative Maintenance (PM) completion, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), and response time to quality issues
  • Overall job satisfaction and improved employee performance 

For more details, pay a visit to LES and Autoliv.


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