Leading Sensor Manufacturer Targets Construction Industry

SST Sensing the UKs leading manufacturer and supplier of gas and liquid sensors has launched a new product aimed at the construction industry. Part of SST’s business strategy for 2014 is to target the construction industry, particularly in the public, private and commercial sectors with their AQ-Alert+ Environmental Monitoring System. This product was designed for the surveillance of air quality in any interior room where ventilation is air tight. The AQ-Alert+ System measures the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air with options to also measure oxygen concentration, temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity.

The development of this new product is timely as their has been a recent upturn in new construction projects as highlighted by Glenigan reporting the value of projects added to their database in quarter one of 2014 has increased by 15% compared to 2013 figures. This healthy growth was the result of the increased number of projects across the residential, non-residential and civil engineering sectors.

Private housing remains a key driver of increasing construction activity, with project starts up by 29%. Positive indications across the commercial sectors continue to gather momentum, with office projects starts rising by 34%, retail by 28% and hotel and leisure by 15%.

Siobhan Dalziel, the Marketing Executive for SST Sensing Ltd stated that, “the healthy growth at the beginning of this year, especially in the private and commercial sectors gives us as a company increased confidence in our marketing strategy to boost sales revenue for this particular product range. The construction industry is a new market for us, but we have every confidence that the AQ-Alert+ co2 monitor will be a well sought after product, particularly in the commercial, private and public sectors”.

For more info, go to http://sstsensing.com

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