LDT Housing Resists Shock And Vibration

AMETEK Factory Automation’s rugged, high-accuracy Gemco 958A Compact Housing linear displacement transducer (LDT) comes in a compact rod-style package measuring less than 3.05 cm (1.2”) in depth. Reportedly, it combines industry-leading shock resistance of 1,000G, vibration tolerance of 30G, high precision, and accessibility of field service.


The new design provides simplicity of installation and enables the user to perform field service, on the position sensor fast and effectively. The rod is protected inside the hydraulics, but the electronic housing is accessible, which means fewer long lasting breakdowns, and money saved on industrial equipment, that is not working as intended.

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Magnetostrictive technology ensures absolute analog position feedback, accurate to 0.04% of the programmable sensing distance. The programmable zero and span points and the high accuracy combined with 16-bit output resolution provide reliable, absolute position feedback. This ensures the automation of advanced and valuable machinery with operating pressures on the hydraulic cylinders up to 5,000 psi (345 bar), and spikes to 10,000 psi (689 bar), with response times in milliseconds.


The magnetic position sensor is produced entirely from stainless steel, which makes the LDTs ideal for use in food and caustic applications. Additionally, the Gemco 958A Compact Housing can withstand the cold-water power washing that is often used in agricultural and other challenging environments. For more information, visit AMETEK Factory Automation.

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