LDT Boosts Range And Performance

LDT Boosts Range And Performance

In an updated version, the GEMCO 955 eBrik II linear displacement transducer (LDT) sports a redesigned connector end cap, an expanded stroke range up to 1,875 mm, and improved shock and vibration performance. Capable of withstanding 100Gs of shock and 15Gs of vibration, the IP67-rated LDT is suitable for demanding applications and is resistant to contaminants and environmental conditions. It does not have a can or head and all electronics reside within the unit, which is less than an inch in height (profile). A streamlined anodized aluminum extrusion houses the sensing element and electronics. The magnet moves over the sensing element that interpolates the position and converts it to a readable output.

AMETEK Factory Automation
Clawson, MI

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