LDO Regulators Feature Low Drop-Out Characteristics At Low Voltage Input

LDO Regulators Feature Low Drop-Out Characteristics At Low Voltage Input
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.

The TCR5AM series 500 mA output low-drop out (LDO) regulator s are available in fixed output voltages between 0.55V and 3.6V and are capable of driving up to 500 mA. Reportedly, they achieve industry-leading1 LDO characteristics by adopting an external bias voltage terminal (VBAT) that is separated from the power source input. This sets the new voltage regulators apart from conventional products and enables them to increase the efficiency of the power source. Additionally, the TCR5AM series incorporates protection functions such as over-current protection and over-temperature protection, making them a safe, efficient LDO solution.

Features of the TCR5AM Series include:
•LDO voltage: VIN-VOUT=0.072 V (typ.) @VOUT=0.6 V, VBAT=3.3 V, IOUT=300 mA,VIN-VOUT=0.120 V (typ.) @VOUT=0.6 V, VBAT=3.3 V, IOUT=500 mA
•A wide range of products are offered with output voltage starting from 0.55 V: VOUT=0.55 to 3.6 V
•Protection function: over-current protection, over-temperature protection, inrush current protection circuit, under-voltage-lockout function
•High output current: IOUT=500 mA (max)
•High power dissipation package: PD=0.6 W, 1.2x1.2x0.38 mm (DFN5B Package)

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