LDO Regulator Debuts In Breakthrough Bumpless CSP

LDO Regulator Debuts In Breakthrough Bumpless CSP

Heralded as a “breakthrough” in packaging, the LDBL20 200-mA low-dropout (LDO) regulator comes in a 0.47 mm x 0.47 mm x 0.2 mm chip-scale package (CSP). This makes the device a viable candidate for use in wearable and portable devices and for flexible electronics. Reportedly, the chip’s bumpless STSTAMP package breaks through the minimum I/O-area and height limitation imposed by the diameter of traditional flip-chip solder bumps. Other features include a 200-mA output, an input voltage range from 1.5V to 5.5V, a 200-mV typical dropout, rejection (PSRR) of 80 dB at 100Hz and 50 dB at 100 kHz, and a quiescent current of 20 µA no-load, 100 µA full-load, and 0.3µA in standby. An evaluation board, the STEVAL-ISB034V1, is also available. The LDBL20 is in production now with pricing starting from $0.25 each/1,000. A datasheet is available at http://www.st.com/content/ccc/resource/technical/document/datasheet/c5/b3/3d/53/b2/9a/4a/7a/DM00225719.pdf/files/DM00225719.pdf/jcr:content/translations/en.DM00225719.pdf

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