Laser Scanning Software from Leica Geosystems

Laser Scanning Software from Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems Inc.

Cyclone II TOPO laser scanning software from Leica Geosystems Inc., Norcross, GA, allows you to create highly accurate topographic maps from laser scan data. Using a simplified CAD-like interface and familiar office automation displays, the software has a map-like, top-down user interface that lets you view, extract, and create topographic maps as well as associated cross-section and isometric views. You can array all views simultaneously on a single display and each 2D section view automatically shows the area of greatest topographic interest and the best section view orientation. SmartPick tools let you automatically extract specific scan points from clusters of laser scan data with a single click. Applications include rapid surveys of sites, structures, and roads.

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Company: Leica Geosystems Inc.
Phone number: 770-326-9500
Fax: 770-447-0710

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