Laser Rangefinder from FLIR

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FLIR Electro-Optical Components

The MLR-4K from FLIR Electro-Optical Components, Ventura, CA, is a SWaP-optimized, military-grade ER:Glass solid-state laser rangefinder with a typical measuring range of 40 km. The device can fire continuously at up to 3 ranges per second, has a total measuring range of 25–8000 m, measures 34 by 54 by 89 mm, and weighs 118 g without cover. The rangefinder consumes <2 W when ranging. Applications include handheld systems, weapon platforms, and stabilized airborne and maritime turrets.

Contact Info

Company: FLIR Electro-Optical Components
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 805-642-4645
Fax: 805-644-4752

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