Laser Module Extends Range Of DOEs

LASER COMPONENTS’ latest diffractive optical elements (DOEs) include several patterns for green lasers with a wavelength of 520 nm, such as a green cross with an opening angle of more than 50° or a pattern featuring 15 parallel lines. Several new matrix patterns have also been added, including 10x10 and 4x6 matrices for green and a 5x15 grid for red light. For the first time, LASER COMPONENTS offers a pattern generator for a blue cross with a wavelength of 450 nm and an opening angle of more than 60°. Due to the rapidly growing field of 3D imaging, the company also added several new pseudo random pattern generators for red and infrared lasers modules.


Pattern generators are DOEs that divide laser beams into several dots or form them into patterns. Depending on the application, these can consist of circles, lines, crosses or dot matrices. LASER COMPONENTS offers FLEXPOINT laser modules with integrated pattern generators as well as separate removable DOEs in a plastic cap for multi-use with different laser modules. Each DOE is optimized for a specific wavelength.


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