Laser Line Sensors Boost Productivity, Enable Reverse Engineering

Laser Line Sensors Boost Productivity, Enable Reverse Engineering

ZEISS Industrial Metrology’s latest family of LineScan laser line sensors promise to improve inspection productivity and enable reverse engineering of complex products on CONTURA, ACCURA II and PRISMO CMMs. The sensors extend the functionality of ZEISS CMM and are available with stripe widths of 25 mm, 50 mm, and 100 mm. Inspection productivity is improved by scanning at rates of up 700,000 points/s with a measurement precision figure of merit (MPE(PF) as defined by ISO-10360-2) as low as 12 um. With a resolution of 1280 points/line and no need for an extra controller, the sensors use a 658-nm wavelength visible red light source. Each unit is IP54 certified. For more details, visit  

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