Laser for Interferometric Sensing from Sabeus

Sabeus Inc.
The AG-1 from Sabeus Inc., Calabasas, CA, is a distributed feedback (DFB) laser that uses the company's multivariable control system (MVCS) for dynamic signal feedback to deliver an effective line width of 10–400 kHz and frequency stability of ±5 MHz. The AG-1 is tunable across C&L bands with a 3 nm tuning range and 0.5 pm min. step size. Optical output level is from 10–50 mW, power consumption is 4 W (typical), and package size is 9.2 oz., including TEC, laser driver, power regulator, and embedded microprocessor. Applications include oil and gas seismic surveys, military/homeland security surveillance, test and measurement, and telecommunications.

Contact Info

Company: Sabeus Inc.
Phone number: 818-737-7700
Fax: 818-737-7704

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