Laser Drivers from Wavelength Electronics

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Wavelength Electronics Inc.

The QCL Series of low-noise quantum cascade laser drivers from Wavelength Electronics Inc., Bozeman, MT, lets you improve your chemical sensor performance by minimizing line width, spectral drift, and center wavelength jitter. The laser drivers offers sub-microamp RMS noise (0.7 µA RMS noise over 100 kHz bandwidth for the QCL1000 1A driver), 2–3 MHz bandwidth, fall times of 250/200 ns, ability to drive up to 2 A of low-noise current, current limit, slow start, brownout/reverse voltage/overvoltage protection, and remote or local current enable. Devices are designed as OEM controllers and can be used in field-deployed systems or on benchtops.

Contact Info

Company: Wavelength Electronics Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 406-587-4910
Fax: 406-587-4911

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