Laser Driver Raises Chemical Sensor Detection Thresholds

Laser Driver Raises Chemical Sensor Detection Thresholds
Wavelength Electronics Inc.

According to its maker, the QCL LAB family of laser drivers address the noise inherent in quantum cascade laser drivers that limits the detection threshold of chemical sensors. The QCL LAB family of instruments couple an intuitive touchscreen display with low noise drive electronics that drop detection thresholds up to an order of magnitude. With 0.4-μARMS noise current and 1nA/√Hz average current noise density up to 100kHz, the QCL500 LAB instrument allows the lowest possible detection thresholds. Models are available with output currents of 500 mA, 1000 mA, 1500 mA, and 2000 mA in constant-current mode. Compliance voltage is adjustable up to 20V with 2- to 3-MHz analog modulation bandwidth. Additionally, the drivers can operate standalone, via USB, or Ethernet. Remote operation software is included. For models and datasheets, visit  

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