Laser Diodes Crank Out 0.5W At 635 nm

Laser Diodes Crank Out 0.5W At 635 nm
Laser Components USA Inc.

Delivering 500 mW of output at 635 nm, the ADL-63V0BTP and ADL-63V0ANP laser diodes achieve an efficiency of 1 mW/mA and reside in hermetically-sealed 9-mm or 5.6-mm TO housings. Thermal conductivity for both is equivalent to that of C-mount housings. The diodes target biochemical and medical applications such as photodynamic therapy and other illumination applications and laser displays as their emitter size is 50 μm. Datasheets for the ADL-63V0BTP and ADL-63V0ANP, respectively, are available at:

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