Laser Diode Driver Illuminates Automotive Heads-Up Displays

Laser Diode Driver Illuminates Automotive Heads-Up Displays
Intersil Corp.

The ISL78365 laser diode driver for automotive heads-up display (HUD) systems pulses four high intensity lasers up to 750 mA for projecting full-HD color video onto the windshield. Its higher current and faster switching speed promises HUDs with high resolution, high color-depth and high frame-rate projections. As per its maker, the device is the industry’s only laser driver with a fourth channel for supporting a wide variety of laser diode configurations. The ISL78365 provides sub-1.5 ns rise and fall times, resulting in high frame rate, HD color video. The device also offers 10-bit color and 10-bit scale resolution to support a wide variety of contrast levels for each driver channel. And its flexible synchronous parallel video interface supports pixel rates up to 150MHz or 1900 pixels per line. The quad-channel ISL78365 laser diode driver is available now in a 6 mm x 6 mm 40-lead WFQFN package, priced at $9.82 each/1,000. For more information, visit  

Intersil Corp.
Milpitas, CA

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