LASER COMPONENTS Diversifies Laser Module Portfolio With True Pattern Projection

Bedford, NH --- LASER COMPONENTS introduces its first laser module that projects a randomly ordered point cloud of 33,000 individual dots for rapid 3D measurement tasks. More on display are the proprietary FLEXPOINT® laser modules and CODIXX colorPol® polarizers covering metrology, alignment, and positioning applications. The FLEXPOINT® MV series are well-known for its flexibility in various wavelengths, output power, and beam patterns.

The new FLEXPOINT MVstereo has been particularly designed for 3D stereo vision, a technique which calculates the volume of an object based on the position of dots that are simultaneously captured by two cameras from different angles. The pixels of the same object are then paired during digital image processing. This technique is especially interesting for untextured surfaces of single-color.

The laser is initially available in two wavelengths – visible red (660 nm) and infrared (830 nm). The laser power meets laser class 1 or 1M requirements and features microprocessor-controlled electronics to program the laser or retrieve data.

OEM versions, developed and manufactured according to customer requirements, are available for special applications.

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