KVM Device Extends Reach of Remote Server Management


Raritan’s Cat5 Reach DVI HD KVM Extender can extend the reach of KVM management to servers, PCs, and other devices by a distance up to 3,300 feet.


The unit includes a transmitter and receiver pair for use with a Cat5 cable.  By plugging a keyboard, video, and mouse into the Raritan Extender receiver, IT administrators can place the user console anywhere from 330 to 3,300 feet away from the target server or device to be managed.   IT administrators, for example, can use the Extender to access equipment in a nearby control room or an area adjacent to a data center. 


The Extender's remote access-and-control capabilities minimize risk by enabling users to store PCs, servers, and KVM switches in secure, non-harsh environments as well as eliminate trips to equipment rooms. Also, it delivers high-quality HD video resolution and 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz and 1080p @ 60fps video quality. For more details, visit Raritan.