KROHNE Announces New IFC 050 Signal Converter for Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Reliable measurement of water flow is critical today and will be even more so in the future as water resources become rare. The new IFC 050 electromagnetic signal converter is the best long term choice for measuring volumetric flow and can be used in several applications and many industries. Not only is it perfect for any kind of wastewater treatment metering tasks, it is also suited for water distribution networks, irrigation installation, water abstraction, and CIP cleaning stations. The water and wastewater treatment industries obviously benefit by installing this technology but there are other industries that could equally gain by using this system. These include the food and beverage, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, agriculture, and steel industries.

The signal converter can be combined with the OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX flow sensors to complete the well-known sensor technology with new features, making it suitable for many kinds of water and wastewater metering tasks. The output represents measured values for flow, mass, and conductivity. Meeting all industry requirements, the IFC 050 features sturdy and robust construction and a modern housing design. The housing is protected with dual-layer paint, to keep it safe from fluids such as salt water and the circuit board is protected from condensation with an additional coating.

A simple installation and start-up is matched with intuitive operations and touch buttons. Customers can choose a compact or wall mounted converter with or without a bright graphic display. Different requirements call for different output signals. Available outputs are current output (incl. HART®), active pulse/frequency output, status output, and Modbus. Easy to use, the IFC 050 is at an excellent price point and has a performance ratio with an accuracy of 0.5%.

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