Kiln Shell Imaging System from Raytek

Kiln Shell Imaging System from Raytek
Raytek Corp.

Raytek, Santa Cruz, CA, offers the CS200 process imaging system designed to monitor, control, and analyze rotating kilns primarily used in cement and lime production. The system combines IR sensors and software to let you detect and monitor refractory hot spots to prevent kiln damage and extend production runs between refractory replacement. Features include full-color thermograms of the kiln surface, user-defined alarms, automatic fan control, historical data analysis, OPC server functionality, and the ability to install and configure multiple point sensors to monitor those portions of the kiln that are shadowed from the main sensor by physical obstructions. Results are displayed as one homogeneous thermogram. A separate sensor can monitor the burning zone of the kiln with data incorporated into a common display.

Contact Info

Company: Raytek Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-227-8074

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