Kids Make Robots at Summer Camp

LOS ANGELES, CA -- When you went to summer camp you probably did arts & crafts, hiking and things like that. Well, things have changed! At the Feiro Marine Life Center's summer camp, students build robots.

Located in Port Angeles, Washington, directly on the waterfront you'll find the Feiro Marine Life Center's ROV Explorers Camp. Here is where you'll find one of the most innovative summer camps in the nation. At ROV summer camp attendees learn how to make their own Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), or, underwater robot, to explore marine environments.

At the start of the camp, everyone is given a box with all the materials needed to build an underwater robot. Students are taught what each component is, how it works, and how to build their robot. The 6th through 8th graders that attend the camp participate in ROV construction, "missions" with their ROV in the pool to learn how to operate it and its underwater cameras. Students work their way up to the Big Event, which is to explore the sea floor in Port Angeles Harbor. The harbor provides a real world environment where students learn to improve their robot driving skills to cope with ocean currents. As part of the exercise, each Robot Crew is asked to come up with a question they have about the harbor, and then tasked with using their ROV to discover the answer to that question.

This innovative program is also good example of how forward thinking companies are contributing to help make them happen. ROV Explorers Camp is sponsored in part by National Wire & Cable who supplies materials for the robots. National Wire is also the world's most advanced manufacturer of sophisticated geophysical cables for oceanic exploration. "It's a really great way to inspire the next generation of marine scientist and get them excited about the field," says Jim Wyle, CEO of National Wire. "It introduces kids to marine biology, engineering and mechanics as a fun, engaging experience. We hope the experience motivates them to continue to learn about it as they grow."

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