KeyLemon Announces Partnership With Biometric Password Solution onefacein

MARTIGNY, Switzerland -- Biometry authentication provider KeyLemon today announced a strategic partnership with emerging biometric password solution onefacein.

onefacein, entering the expanding biometric authentication market in July, offers a ground-breaking and affordable multifactor-authentication biometric answer to the password problem. With advanced face and speaker recognition technology, provided in partnership with KeyLemon, onefacein allows users to securely access all of their password-protected sites with their face, voice and synced devices.

According to onefacein Chief Marketing Officer Carey Anderson, "We wanted to find a simple solution to the headache of managing passwords that is convenient, accurate and secure. Now a user's face and voice can be their password to all their websites."

Gilles Florey, CEO of KeyLemon, said, "With onefacein, we found a partner that implements face and speaker recognition in a convenient and intuitive way. Applying fusion—that is, both face and speaker recognition—enhances the accuracy of the system and the user experience."

The creators of both companies have been involved in building global identity verification technologies for highly regulated and security conscious industries. Recent advances in technology now make it possible to offer these innovations more broadly.

"Affordable and effective biometric solutions available to the general public are relatively new. We're confident people will like what they see," said Anderson.

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