Key Trends for Semiconductors and Electronics Indicate an Exciting Future

The year 2017 is going to be an exciting one for the semiconductor and electronics industry, with a host of new advancements that will focus on new experiences and possibilities for end users and organizations. Apart from a few iterative changes, there are several key trends, according to MarketsandMarkets, that would be an indicator of the future of the semiconductor and electronics industry. These trends are segregated into categories wherein they can deliver better experiences, enable faster decisions, and facilitate improved communications.

•Better experiences: With virtual reality and augmented reality technology taking shape, end users can hope for more immersive experiences across a number of devices. Furthermore, technologies such as quantum dots are expected to bring screen clarity, peak brightness and accuracy to a whole new level, beyond even 4K UltraHD. Finally, the evolution of intuitive interface systems would make the experience with newer devices seamless and thoroughly engaging.
•Faster Decisions: The advent of new memory technologies such as 3D XPoint will blur the lines between storage and memory even further, leading to lower latency and higher endurance. Quantum computing would bring about a paradigm shift in the computing prowess, opening up vistas for newer applications in business, cybersecurity, investment, and logistics. Neuromorphic chips for deep learning algorithms will help make artificial intelligence more accessible for mainstream applications.
•Improved communications: Connected cars and V2V and V2I sensors will take automotive design to a whole new level. Besides, connected machines could open up new possibilities and opportunities for vertical integration between various industries as cellular bandwidth moves past the terahertz barrier.

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