KEMET Introduces Engineering Center

GREENVILLE, SC -- KEMET Corporation unveils its new Engineering Center online education resource, focused on providing practical answers to questions involving passive components in electronic applications. Engineering Center features blog posts, a calendar of free technical seminars, component tools and a knowledge library authored by KEMET's field application experts.

"KEMET has long recognized the need for concise educational content for real-world passive circuit designs," said Per Loof, KEMET Chief Executive Officer. "Our technical team designed Engineering Center to enhance our position as the easy-to-design-in company, increasing our value as a trusted supplier and partner."

With a 100% focus on electrical engineers of all levels, Engineering Center delivers authoritative answers to the questions found throughout a customer's design cycle. "Engineering Center fills in the gaps often found between the theoretical curriculum taught in engineering schools and the raw technical data provided on a data sheets," said James Lewis, KEMET Technical Marketing Director. "Engineers require this information to bring their projects from concept to completion without going through the hassle of deciphering product-specific material and applying it to their designs."

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