KEMET Institute of Technology Series Begins 31st Season

GREENVILLE, SC -- KEMET Corporation, a leading global supplier of electronic components, today announced its 31st KEMET Institute of Technology (KIT) series. Beginning on September 17th with a two-day event at its Simpsonville Innovation Center, KIT is a free technology workshop based on classroom instruction and live discussion covering details on how capacitors and other passive components are made, how they work and their applications.

This year's event also introduces presentations on KEMET's new components provided through the recently announced partnership with NEC TOKIN. Two technology tracks focusing on customer applications are available. One track focuses on embedded electronics associated with low voltage DC electronics, while the other focuses on AC line and power applications such as AC/DC converters.

"KEMET is proud to offer KIT, a unique educational program that provides an invaluable service to our customers," said Per Loof, KEMET Chief Executive Officer. "These seminars enable us to collaborate on the development of emerging electronic component technologies, emphasizing our commitment to meeting the enhanced needs of our customers."

KIT seminars are geared toward engineers, technologists, designers and other technical decision-makers utilizing capacitors and other passive components in their products. A range of speakers across the KEMET technology, application engineering, manufacturing, and quality teams will be on hand to present expertly detailed presentations on a variety of electronic component topics which include:

•Component construction, characteristics, applications and manufacturing
•SPICE modeling and tutorials
•Factory tours (via video at off-site locations)
•One-on-one roadmap sharing sessions

KIT will be held across 50 locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit

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