Keeping it Sealed

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SiemensZF Getriebe GmbH makes automatic transmissions for passenger cars; its Saarbrucken plant produces approximately 4000 transmissions per day in 14 basic types and 120 models. Not surprisingly, the production and quality control processes are highly automated. During transmission manufacture, color-coded sealing plugs are placed over the connections for the cooling systems to prevent washing water from entering. While intelligent cameras are used to automatically check the proper fit of the yellow, white, or orange plugs before washing, a Siemens SIMATIC MV220 color area sensor is used after washing to check for their presence or absence. In matching mode it inspects areas for all colors while in recognition mode it identifies specific colored characteristics in a defined quantity. The compact and rugged sensor is easily adjusted to different inspection tasks, an important requirement since the various transmissions use sealing plugs of different colors at different locations.

John Meyer
Siemens Machine Tool Business
Elk Grove Village, IL
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Challenge: Check for colored sealing plugs