JUMO Talks Sensors Midwest, A Preview

Every now and again, we need to really remind ourselves of who really makes tradeshows a big success. Sorry to disappoint some by saying this, but it’s not the CEOs, MBAs, marketers, and content/web developers. The true success of any trade show lies with the exhibitors and the attendees. Exhibitors present the leading edge components and devices that will shape the current and future state of technology and the attendees purchase those products and devices and create the future of technology.


I believe it also important to say that, in the case of a tradeshow that’s linked to a publication, online and/or in print, one such as Sensors Online, the readers are equally important as they make up the bulk of attendees. Briefly put, the equation is simple: Exhibitors + Attendees = SUCCESS. Based on that algorithm, it’s time to get an exhibitor’s eye view of Sensors Midwest.

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Established in 1947 by Moritz Kurt Juchheim in Fulda, Germany, JUMO Process Control, Inc. is a classic business model in that it’s a family owned business for three generations and comprises 2,100 employees in 24 subsidiaries and 40 agencies globally. The company offers an extensive range of hardware and software products that includes temperature sensors and probes, pressure sensors, level, flow, and humidity sensors plus analytical measurement, control, and data recording tools. Offerings target a wide variety of markets including food and beverage, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, renewable energy, heating and air conditioning, packaging, chemical, and several others.

Pre-show, I sat down with Achim Dalibor, JUMO’s Sales & Operations Manager, to get a preview of what the company will be exhibiting at Sensors Midwest. Besides mass quantities of sales leads, I also asked him what he and his company hope to get out of both exhibiting and attending. Here’s what was learned.


    Achim Dalibor

Mat Dirjish (MD): JUMO offers sensors for temperature, pressure and analytical measurement for a diverse span of applications. What will you be demonstrating at Sensors Midwest and what markets are you targeting?


Achim Dalibor (AD): JUMO will present a variety of their most successful products for the food industry such as temperature probes and pressure transmitters in a hygienic design. One of the highlights of the show will be our new digiLine Sensor System. It is a complete system to measure, monitor, record, and control parameters like pH, conductivity, temperature, and various disinfectants. A major feature of the product is the interchangeable digital interface. Life cycles, e.g. for a pH sensor, can be tracked via our DSM software.


JUMO RTD temperature probe (L) & pressure transmitter (R)

MD: What trends do you see in existence and/or emerging that will significantly impact the sensors market and how is JUMO addressing these trends?


AD: For industrial sensors we can see a trend towards smart sensors and their integration to the IIoT. It becomes more important to measure and control every aspect of the process and monitor it remotely via PC, smart phone, or tablet.


JUMO's philosophy is to bring the sensor closer to the user. We have solutions that are based on Web server functionality which enables our clients to view their process remotely from any location in the world with access to the internet. The latest update on remote accessibility is our JUMO device app which was programmed by our software engineers to meet the specific requirements from our customers.


JUMO's digiLine Sensor System

MD: Are you planning to attend any of the educational/market sessions and if so, what do you hope to learn?


AD: I plan on attending the session about "Using AI with Sensor and Signal Data at the Edge and in the Cloud ". It will be interesting to see how the new technology of AI affects our market. JUMOs business is not only components; we also have solutions for data evaluation.


MD: Aside from many sales leads, what do hope to learn or achieve at Sensors Midwest?


AD: The Sensors conference is always a good place to share market experience with business partners and competitors. It also gives us the chance to learn about emerging technologies.


MD: Do you have any insights and/or advice you would like to impart to engineering students and EEs just getting out of college?


AD: That's a hard question to answer. The changes in technology and work environment are rapid and predicted to accelerate. It will become more important to be flexible, adapt to, and learn about new technologies.  Don't be afraid to come out with new ideas and question existing processes, designs, etc. We can only improve technology, if we are open to change.


There you have it, a comprehensive show preview and excellent insights for seasoned and budding engineers alike. Now it’s important that you get yourself to Sensors Midwest next week and visit JUMO at booth 1108 as well as all the other fine exhibitors that make Sensors Midwest the growing success it always proves to be. ~MD

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