July Is A DAQ Attack

Data-acquisition (DAQ) is a phrase often taken as purely applying to test-and-measurement and business applications. Apparently that’s not really the case. The gathering of any information for immediate or future use can be considered DAQ.

If I were to call up 50 people at random and ask three questions, for example, what’s your name, what’s your quest, and what’s the air-speed velocity of a fully-laden swallow, and I get answers, that’s DAQ. If I’m lucky and all 50 answer all three questions, I’ll have 150 pieces of data. What I do with that data is the DAQ application.

Sensors play a big part in many DAQ apps, therefore it’s fitting that July 2014 is Data-Acquisition (DAQ) month on Sensor Insights. We have some truly insightful articles from the major players in the field of DAQ and T&M.

Kicking off the month we have a piece titled “Selecting the Right Power Meter and Sensor for Satellite Performance Monitoring” by Sook Hua Wong from Agilent Technologies Inc. In the following weeks, look for in-depth looks into the DAQ pool from Tektronix, Teledyne LeCroy, and Keithley instruments.

Also note, if you or your company is in the DAQ game, feel free to submit any new product/tech announcements and stories to me via email. Now, pour yourself a cool drink and get ready to enjoy a nice rack of DAQ. ~MD

Suggested Articles

MarketsandMarkets says the low-light imaging market is expected to grow from $10.04 billion in 2019 to $18.36 billion by 2024.

SiC can make medical devices more perceptive, it can make electronics more energy-efficient, and it can help sensors perform in higher temperatures.

Components supplier CTS Corporation has acquired temperature sensor supplier Quality Thermistor, Inc. (QTI), for $75 million in cash.