Joobot announces the launch of smart DSLR controller CamBuddy Pro

HOUSTON, TX -- Joobot announces launch of CamBuddy Pro, a matchbox-size DSLR controller that is the smartest and fastest of its kind.

•First DSLR controller to integrate Wi-Fi tethering, smart triggering, high-speed photography, and smartphone live view.
•Densely packed with light sensor, sound sensor, radio laser detector, and radio transmitter that enable creative triggering.
•Connect up to 128 cameras to capture stunning "Matrix bullet time" footage.

CamBuddy turns your DSLR into your smartphone's built-in camera. It connects your modern Canon/Nikon DSLRs through camera's USB port, while pairing with your smartphone through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can adjust your DSLR setting, live view, shoot, save, and share in their free downloadable app, with similar convenience as shooting with built-in lenses.

It is the smartest and only all-in-one controller on the market. CamBuddy's sensors can send a trigger signal to the camera in as short as 1 millisecond, that is 1/30 of lightning's duration. This is achieved through a powerful embedded system with an additional high performance real time sensor/trigger module. Imagine that your camera shoots automatically after a "cheers!", a clink of glasses (sound sensor), a lightning (light sensor), or an obstruction of laser (laser detector) from a falling basketball.

The Joopic App brings more. Use your smartphone as the ultimate remote control. Get creative with "Smart Bulb" mode for long time exposure and interval shooting. It also allows you to share photos and albums instantly with friends and clients.

Go fancy? Make a "Matrix bullet time" video with multiple cameras. One smartphone can connect up to 128 pairs of CamBuddy Pro and camera, a setup that can freeze a frame from multiple angles. Each CamBuddy is equipped with a radio transmitter and a receiver, same as those used in high-end wireless remote controls.

Release Date & Price

CamBuddy Pro is ready for manufacturing. Get it before Christmas by backing our Kickstarter campaign launching September 27th. The Joopic app can be downloaded for free now both in Apple Store and Google Play.

MSRP: $149

Kickstarter special price: $89 (early bird); $99 (regular)

•802.11 Wi-Fi with up to 300 Mbps transfer speed, Bluetooth LE 4.0
•Dimensions: 3.2" x 2" x 1" (81mm x 51mm x 25mm)
•Sensors included: sound sensor, light sensor, laser detector, radio receiver, and transmitter
•1100mAh Li-ion battery, chargeable with 5V wall adapter or power bank

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