Johns Hopkins Purchases OCTAVEX Wireless Sensor Framework

ELLICOTT CITY, MD /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Octave Technology Inc., a leader in wireless sensor software development is proud to announce that The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) has recently purchased the OCTAVEX wireless sensor framework to accelerate development of wireless sensor networking technology at the lab.

"Exciting new applications for wireless sensing technology are currently being created at APL," said Robert D'Antonio, PhD, Executive Vice-President at Octave. "The unique technology of the Universal Gateway within the OCTAVEX framework allows APL to use any type of wireless protocol or sensor type without having to create a software layer from the ground up. This flexibility allows APL to concentrate its time on building the underlying sensor technology and use the service-oriented architecture components of Octave software to better position its sensor-based products for commercialization and integration."

The OCTAVEX framework can simultaneously support any number of sensor points for different types of wireless protocols, including mesh networks (e.g., Zigbee, WirelessHART, or proprietary platforms), active RFID tags, point-to-point RF sensors, and other types of smart sensors. The integration of Octave software with APL sensor technologies and expertise will accelerate the timetable for developing commercially viable wireless sensors, and do so in a more flexible and cost effective manner.

About Octave Technology
Octave Technology Inc. builds leading-edge software products for data management and integration of sensor technologies. Octave's flagship product, the OCTAVEX wireless sensor framework, is the world's most complete and comprehensive software for extracting and analyzing information from any type of wireless sensor. The framework is designed to significantly decrease development time and lower costs and risks for software developers, systems integrators, end users, and original equipment manufacturers that are building wireless sensor solutions.

Octave is a privately held corporation headquartered in Ellicott City, MD. For more information on Octave Technology, please email [email protected].

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