ITK Engineering and Excelfore Team Up on Safe and Secure FOTA/SOTA Solutions for Connected Vehicles

ITK Engineering and Excelfore announce their partnership to provide integrated FOTA/SOTA solutions with fully comprehensive vehicle safety and cyber security for the automotive market. The integration of Excelfore’s over-the-air technology eSync™ with ITK Engineering’s expert knowledge, in particular on embedded and cyber security as well as safety in the automotive sector enables balance between functional safety and protection from cyber-attacks. Thus appropriate safety and protection levels can be achieved for vehicle diagnosis and firmware updates over-the-air. Combined with ITK’s holistic approach to the architectural design of secure embedded systems, functional safety of vehicles can be protected against malicious attacks in a very effective way.

Secure cloud solution, embedded competence and safety & cyber security from a single source

Excelfore eSync™, which is based on patented technologies, provides an end-to-end cloud solution for delivering software over the air (SOTA) and firmware over the air (FOTA) updates and enables full vehicle over-the-air update of all vehicle components including gateway, headunit, Electronic Control Units (ECU) and telematics units. Excelfore leverages its patented M2M distributed architecture to support cloud-to-vehicle connectivity and multiple in-vehicle networks including LIN, CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet.

ITK complements this solution by its expertise in automotive ECU development, safety and cyber security engineering as well as system integration and verification & validation. To protect vehicles against cyber-attacks all critical elements of the FOTA and SOTA delivery chain – embedded systems, communication protocols, apps, IT services – are subjected to a rigorous design process. This methodology ensures the ideal synchronization between safety and cyber security engineering processes for all development phases, from concept to validation, and results in the most appropriate system architecture for each application.

Comprehensive FOTA solution by bundling competences

By combining the strengths of ITK Engineering and Excelfore, automotive OEMs and suppliers receive a complete FOTA solution including backend, onboard client, connectivity unit and its integration as well as system architecture design and integrated safety and cyber security from a single source.

Furthermore ITK Engineering is developing customized safe and secure remote maintenance solution for complex and safety critical embedded systems in various industries.

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