Iteris Wins $420,000 Contract in Torreón, Mexico

SANTA ANA, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Iteris Inc. (AMEX:ITI), a leader in the development and application of advanced technologies that help reduce traffic congestion and improve the safety of surface transportation systems, announced that it has been awarded a $420,000 contract to supply its Vantage video detection systems to the City of Torreón in Central Mexico. The contract was awarded through SEMEX S.A. of Monterrey, Mexico, a leading manufacturer of traffic signal controller, traffic safety and signage equipment.

"The City of Torreón is fully committed to implementing advanced technological systems to facilitate its planning and execution of the initial stage of the Traffic Signals Centralization project," commented Arq. Daniel Peña Constantino, chief of the Traffic Control Center in Torreón, Mexico. "As with other cities in Mexico implementing Advanced Traffic Monitoring Systems and Intelligent Traffic Sensors, the City of Torreón selected field-proven technologies such as the Iteris video detection processors and cameras to help centralize our operations more easily and efficiently."

This traffic management contract in Torreón represents the third such project in Mexico that Iteris has won. Similar intersection projects were also completed in Mexicali and Durango. As part of the contract, Iteris will provide the City of Torreón with its Vantage Edge2 processor modules, eAccess communications modules and color cameras to enhance signal operations at many intersections throughout the city.

"We are very pleased to be awarded another contract in Mexico through our local representative SEMEX S.A. of Monterrey. The City of Torreón recognizes the long-term performance and economic benefits of above-ground sensor technology," said Greg McKhann, senior vice president and general manager of Iteris' Roadway Sensors division. "This is the third intersection project Iteris has won in Mexico, which underscores our commitment to expand in international markets."

Vantage is one of the leading vehicle detection systems in the country. It is a nonintrusive video-based system used to replace in-pavement inductive loops for traffic signal control and traffic data collection applications. The Vantage systems are used to optimize the operation of traffic signals, reducing delays and congestion for the motoring public. Vantage cameras have been deployed by hundreds of agencies in 49 states, as well as Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

About Iteris, Inc.
Iteris, Inc. is a leader in the development and application of advanced technologies that reduce traffic congestion, minimize the environmental impact of traffic congestion and improve the safety of surface transportation systems. Combining outdoor image processing, traffic engineering and information technology, Iteris offers a broad range of Intelligent Transportation Systems and driver safety solutions to customers worldwide. Iteris is headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, with offices throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. Investors are encouraged to contact us at 888-329-4483, or at the company's Web site.

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